Monday, 19 May 2014


It's the beginning of another week and as we go about with our activities, The CSW-Nigeria team,(staff, volunteers, coordinators , partners and friends) would be praying for Nigeria. please be faithful in doing so and don't hesitate to drop a comment where ever the need arises. God bless you as you do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIGERIA : ( capital – Abuja)
Population :   168,833,776 
Official Language:  English Language
Religion : Muslim 50%, Christian 40%, indigenous beliefs 10%
Location : Location: Nigeria is located in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea between Benin and Cameroon, has an area of 923,768 square kilometers, including about 13,000 square kilometers of water. Nigeria shares borders with Cameroon (1,690 kilometers) in the east, Niger (1,497 kilometers) in the north, Benin (773 kilometers) in the west, and Chad (87 kilometers) in the northeast.

1.       Pray and ask for God's mercy upon our nation, our leaders and also Pray for the Church to be strong in their lamentation prayer, Let God arise and defend his name (Psalms 3:7). .
2.       Pray for God to remove violent spiritual roots that have been allowed to grow in the nation; pray that every altar raised against God’s purposes for Nigeria shall fail.
3.       Pray for God to strengthen the military who are struggling to protect civilians from this insurgency. Pray for God to give the government His strategies for victory over death and destruction. (Pr.11:11)

  1. Pray for our military and security personnel who are obviously ill equipped and not skilled in fighting terrorism. They need help from experts and advanced countries of the world. Pray for Nigeria's armed forces who face an uphill battle against the insurgents. (Ps.58:9). Pray protection for communities across the country's porous desert borders. (Ps.58:10,11)
  2. Prayer for God's judgement on Boko Haram, their sponsors and supporters .Pray for the girls' release, pray for the countries that have pledged to assist track the abducted girls and to assist us fight terrorism. Pray that God will help them to track and release these girls. Pray for the parents of the victims.
  3.  for their healing from the de-humanisation , anguish and humiliation and for justice to be served.
  4. Prayer for the National Conference that is still going on in Abuja (federal capital).
  5. Pray for peaceful elections in 2015.

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