Monday, 16 December 2013


The CSW-Nigeria team,(staff, volunteers, coordinators , partners and friends) would be praying for the Central African Republic. please be faithful and don't hesitate to drop a comment where ever the need arises.  
Central African Republic (CAR): ( capital – Bangui )

Population :  4.525 million

Official Language :  French and Sango Language
Religion : About 51% of the population are Protestant, 29% are Roman Catholic , and Islam is practised primarily in the north with about 10% of the country’s population. Traditional indigenous beliefs are practised by about 10% of the population as a primary or exclusive belief system.
Location : is a landlocked country in central Africa . It borders  Chad in the north, Sudan in the northeast, South Sudan in the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo in the south and  Cameroon in the west.

·         I wish to invite each of you to lift up the nation of Central African Republic to the Lord in prayer. The peace situation has suddenly deteriorated . The security forces of former president named ‘Anti-Balakas’ have attacked Bangui [the capital city] from the northern and south-eastern parts, and have occupied a military camp. They plan to take over power before the UN can pass a resolution authorising the French military intervention in Central African Republic. Everyone is currently indoors as nobody can anticipate what is going to happen.
·         let’s pray for the protection of the central African people who have already been under significant trauma for the past 24 months and as Islamists go door to door slaughtering Christians , many have sought refuge and protection  with the French contingent guarding the international airport in the CAR capitol, Bengui more than 450,00 Christians have been driven from their homes by the marauding muslim insurgency. .
·         Many citizens have been displaced by the fighting and churches have been badly damaged or destroyed although church leaders have also called for negotiations between Islamist rebels and government forces, denouncing the violence against civilians. as rebels continue to challenge the CAR president's leadership. The rebels now control "over 75% of the nation."

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