Monday, 19 August 2013

We are very thankful for the over-through of the Muslim Brothers (MB) in Egypt. It is a big blow  to the MB movement world wide. It may have a domino effect in other countries. Its an answered  prayer, as the Egyptian church has been praying daily for months.
The aspirations of freedom, dignity of life and justice, but during their rule the Muslim Brothers set up a totalitarian regime with a one party system in spite that their president won with a very narrow margin (less than 1 %). In the process the Muslim Brothers lost their credibility due to their violence, misunderstanding of democracy, corruption, lies and incompetence to lead the country.  This is why people, even those who voted for president Morsi, rose up against them. Since december 2012, after president Morsi made his constitutional decree controlling the military, judiciary and the all government institutions by appointing Muslim Brothers as heads and passed a constitution which gave them monopoly of power (creating an Islamic theocracy), opposition grew stronger and stronger.
The climax was on the 30 of June when over 22 million came out onto the streets to overthrough the regime. Thankfully the military sided with the people. President Morsi and its government was deposed by the army, as he refused to resign. An Interim national government was formed, with the former head of the judiciary, Adly Mansour, as the interim president. Egypt's new cabinet, led by Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi, mainly consists of liberals and technocrats. It includes no Islamists.
During the time of transition the Muslim Brothers were threatening to use violence if president Morsi is not reinstated. The MBs started to intimidate the opposition using violence, torture and arms. In Sinai jihadists who are off shouts of the MB waged war against the military. Also the MB started attacks against churches and properties owned by Christians in different parts of the country. The last few days after evicting two of the Muslim Brothers sit-in’s in Cairo, they started to attack police stations and public buildings. The evictions of two sit-ins by the government was done professionally in spite of the violent response from the protesters with arms and malatoves.
The government announced a state of emergency for one month and a curfew during the Night  from 19.00hrs to 06.00hrs. Friday August 16,The Muslim Brothers started sporadic attacks in different parts of Cairo and other parts of the country but with very small numbers (a couple of thousands) compared with the millions who came out to over through president Morsi.
What to pray for:
* Unity within the army to continue to stand with the people’s aspiration for freedom and a secular state. Wisdom and unity for the interim government to implement  the set out roadmap.
* For God’s grace to work in the lives of the Muslim Brothers to touch and change them, as He did with Saul. And for the rest of the Egyptian people,  that they will turn to the living God, as they have been disillusioned with Islam and are questioning.
* Protection, grace and strengths for the Christians during this time, when they are facing a lot of atrocities from the Islamist (MB:s). Pray that their perseverance and love for the Lord will draw many people to Himself.
*  Pray for security, violence to stop and for the journey of Egypt to freedom, dignity and justice.
* Pray that the journey of Egypt to freedom, democracy and dignity will continue.
*  Pray also for the church during this time to stand for it’s rights and pursue of justice, equality and
perseverance in prayer, unity and love.

Praise the Lord: At this point the majority of Egyptian Muslims are standing together and sympathizing with the Christians, who are being attacked by the Muslim Brothers.
The minister of defense has promised to rebuild the churches, which have been destroyed, at the expense of the government.

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